12 Free tools of Google for growth your business 2019

As you all know, Google is a prevalent and powerful search engine. Google is used all over the world and no.1 search engine on this planet. This search engine provides the search result instantly. Google loves ones given the nickname to Google; the Nick Name of Google is “Google Baba.” Did you know Google provides lots of free tools to grow your Business in the industry and make your Goodwill in the Market? Now we are talking about the various tools which are provided by Google.

Here we are explaining free tools which are provided by Google

1-Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a fantastic tool to help your Business up. You can easily earn money from ads placed (Business brand) on blogs or websites. Adsense links you with other advertisers who want to host advertisements on a channel that appeals to their audiences.

Therefore, if you deal with a site, blog, or video channel that matches the audiences of promoters, at that point, Adsense will put their advertisement on your channel. You put some code in header or sidebar of your website, and you can earn lots of money when someone clicks on them.

2-Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an incredible free web analytics tool. This tool is to help to analyze your website traffic and help you understand how people are finding and navigating your site. Google Analytics is the best source for knowing how many people have reached your website and how much time to spend on your website page. And also you can easily find out in which country visitor is coming in your site. Google Analytics is the best free tool of Google for growing your Business.

3-Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the best tools in Google. You can easily keep tracking of your meeting. Google Calendar has many hidden functions that can enhance your productivity. By using this calendar, you can easily organize your schedule, synchronize, and share events with your friends.

4-Google Trends

Google Trends is a perfect tool that allows you to see the search volumes of keywords so you can make smarter keyword choices. You have to figure out what kind of advertising language and enlightening wording to use for your business materials, site duplicate, and SEO (Search engine optimization). Google Trends is to monitor industry trends. It empowers you to assess the prominence of specific terms, think about them against other keyword varieties, dissect how their interest changes after some time and in various areas/language and shows related watchwords, which can help get new keyword recommendations.

5-Public Data Explorer

Google’s Public Data Explorer gives extensive information and figures from a scope of global associations and scholarly foundations, including the World Bank, OECD, Eurostat, and the University of Denver. These can be shown as line charts, bar charts, cross-sectional plots, or on maps.

6-Google My Business

Google My Business is the best opportunity for your Business to show up in “Near Me” indexed lists just as in Google Maps. Request your business listings on Google My Business so your Business can get highlighted in list items. You can make your free business profile effectively on Google to pull in a new customer. This free instrument of Google encourages you to keep up precise information identified with your organization so individuals can become acquainted with increasingly about you.

7-Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster tool is beneficial for you. SEO professionals understand how Google sees your website. It can provide you full crawl reports and indexing information about your pages directly from the Google index. It can help you identify any issues with your website so you can solve them and enhance your rankings. Search Console enables you to analyze your website performance and make improvements that might be required.

8-Google Drive

Google Drive is a free online tool provided by Google. You can easily share your any files online with another person. Google Drive allows users up to 15 GB of free storage in the cloud for files like photos, documents, designs, videos, etc. And that can enable viewing, editing, and storing their documents and data. Also, you can share large attachments of files and folders with others.

9-URL Shortener (goo.gl)

URL Shortener is one of the leading free tools of Google. Sometimes peoples sharing a long URL on social networks like Twitter. It can be excruciating. This is where ‘Google’s URL Shortened comes accessible. You can insert any long URL to it, and this tool makes a short link that can be shared anywhere.

Note: Not only this, you can get detailed analytics on the number of clicks, referrers, browsers, country, and much more.

10-Google Business Solutions

Google Business Solutions gives you an exhaustive set of tools to help your Business grow and scale. This tool is beneficial to grow your Business. With the help of this tool, you earn money only by placing ads on your website. And also improve your ‘website’s loading speed and improve the user experience.

11-Google Alert

Google Alert is one of the best free tools of Google. This tool enables you to monitor the web for mentions of specific keywords or phrases. Once you set up and you will receive either email alerts or results via RSS whenever these keywords have mentioned online. For instance, you can sign up to get notified whenever someone says your company, products, executives, or your competition.

12-Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is the most critical tool from Google. This tool is beneficial for growing your Business. If you are wanting to begin publicizing on Google, Keyword Planner will give you a gauge of search traffic and budget. ‘It’s an incredible device to discover which keywords individuals are searching for all the more frequently. You can break the information dependent on geography, browser, IP, device, browser interest, and much more.

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