Donald Trump – foreign governments have dirt on the 2020 election


President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he’d probably take details about his 2020 election competitions from foreign adversaries, like Russia and China.
An interview with ABC News George Stephanopoulos, Trump was asked if his campaign could accept info from foreign governments in this election or flip it on to the FBI.
I think perhaps you do, Trump said, adding that when Norway had info on the opponent, he says he’d want to hear it. I think you may want to listen, and there is nothing wrong with looking.”

When asked whether he’d want that type of disturbance in the 2020 election,” Trump said: it isn’t interference.”
They possess information. I would take it, Trump continued. If I believed there was something wrong, I would go possibly to the FBI.” Intelligence officials have noticed that Russia interfered from the 2016 presidential election. Former Special Advisor Robert Mueller, who investigated Moscow’s efforts to intervene in the election, noted in his 448-page report that Russia’s disturbance, has been made in an attempt to select Trump.
The president’s child, Donald Trump Jr., on Wednesday, met with administrators to talk about a June 2016 gathering at Trump Tower, where he is recently told he accepted he was getting harming data then Democratic enemy Hillary Clinton.

The president son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner, has also lately declined to say whether he’d call the Federal Bureau of Investigation if he were invited to another meeting with Russia, for example, the one at Trump Tower. Trump condemned before reports that said his child might be charged on the session. I was perusing that my child would go to imprison, the president said. That is a phenomenal young fellow that he would go to jail.”

When asked if Trump Jr. must have gone to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, he said, Put yourself in position?. You are a congressman; someone comes up, and says, Hey, I’ve info on your opponent. Do you call the FBI?.
I have seen tons of things within my entire life; I do not think in my whole life I have ever called the FBI.
You do not call the Federal Bureau of Investigation, he continued. This is someone that said we had info on your opponent. Oh, allow me to call the FBI. Give me a break. Life does not work that way.”

Trump also criticized Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray’s remarks during a congressional testimony last month where he told legislators that the FBI would like to know about, any foreign election. The Federal Bureau of Investigation director is wrong, he explained. They come up with oppo research, Oh, let us call the Federal Bureau of Investigation,’ Trump continued. The Federal Bureau of examination does not have sufficient representatives to look after it. But you go and speak honestly to members of Congress, and they do it. They have always had. And that is the way it’s. It has called oppo research.”

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