How to know if someone likes you?


Along these lines, you like somebody, huh? Maybe your spider senses are tingling, and you feel like some guy likes but you’re unsure whether he does. Do not worry, because we’ve covered you. we’ve You can explain a lot about a person’s feelings just from carefully observing their body language, and in the next few lines, we’ll put you dilemma to rest. You will be able to observe and identify the signs he likes you.

You might have seen some of these signs in your favourite rom-com movies and some of the signs might be unfamiliar to you because we’re dealing with real-life stuff here. So with that in mind, here are few signs a guy likes you.

He makes you laugh

If a guy goes out of his way to try to make you laugh, yeah, he’s into you. It is a tried and tested theory that the best way to win a woman’s heart is to make her laugh. Also, he will seem genuinely happy upon seeing you laugh at his jokes.

Watch his body language

This is one of those things which he cannot hide; if he likes you and tries to hide it, his body language would betray him. His body language would reveal how he feels about you, deep down inside. To gauge the signs he likes you body language is something to look out for, because it has been scientifically proven that specific type of body language can be attributed to the attraction. If he leans towards you when he talks, if his feet point toward you, and if he mirrors your gestures, he probably likes you.

He introduces to his friend

If a person isn’t keen on you, he’d never welcome you to spend time with his companions. If he does, it implies he truly enjoys you and is as of now suspecting ahead. He’s trying to make sure you like his friends, and they like you back so that you can all have a lot of fun together in the future when you are probably his girlfriend.

Watch his friends closely

Whenever you’re close to him and his friends, pay attention to what his friends are doing. They may excuse themselves, to give you too some alone time, or start making subtle jokes if you approach the group or start teasing him afterward. If they do, then it is a good indicator that he likes you.

He makes eye contact

If a guy likes you, he can’t help getting lost in your eyes. Okay, that was a little too poetic, but studies have shown that guys tend to maintain eye contact for longer durations with the girls they like. You might notice signs like his eyebrows may be lifted, or his pupils may be dilated. So if his eyes remain fixated on you instead of wandering around, you can take it as a good sign.

He has endless questions for you

If a guy has an endless series of questions for you, he probably likes you. He’ll want to know about your childhood and what kind of weird talents you have. One giveaway question that he can as is, “Do you have a boyfriend?” If he’s not interested in you, he’ll not care and wouldn’t ask that question. If you two have similar interests, he’ll dive deeper and share some of his own experiences with you as well.

He gets nervous

If he likes you, he’ll be nervous around you. But here’s the thing – nervousness can be displayed in different manners by different people. Some can’t talk when they’re nervous, some talk too fast and stutter and some lack words to say. Before you write him off as ‘not interested’ make sure that the reason for his weird behavior isn’t nervousness.

He spends more time with you

If a guy is ditching his friends to spend time with you, then you are no doubt unique to him. Here’s an experiment you can conduct yourself. Call him for a walk when you think he’ll be busy. If he adjusts his schedule to accommodate you, then he likes you.

He treats you differently

You can notice this yourself or ask one of your friends to notice it. His behavior around you and the manner he treats you would be different than when he is with other girls. If a guy likes you, he’ll be more protective towards you and will also be more supportive than he is with other girls.

He doesn’t use his phone when he’s around you

If he cherishes your company, he wouldn’t be checking his phone every minute or so. The reason is that if he likes you, the time spent with you would be the best time of the day and so he’d try to cherish every moment of it.

So, these were some of the undeniable signs that he likes you. Overall, a lot of guys would try to get the girl they like, and many of them would fail in the process because the girl wouldn’t reciprocate. So ladies, if you like the guy, send some signals back. This will give him the certainty to ask you out. Who knows what the future might hold for you two?

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