How to stop hair fall


Nowadays, hair fall or loss has become a serious and comprehensive problem among people. A large number of populations are suffering from hair loss. There are several remedies and medications to stop hair loss.

It is normal to loss 50-100 hairs per day with about 100,000 hairs on your head. Hair loss can be temporary or permanent. Typically new hair replaces the lost hair, but sometimes it doesn’t which lead to permanent hair loss. If you notice more hair fall than usual, you should discuss the problem with your Doctor.

Causes of hair fall

According to the dermatologist, there can be several reasons for hair fall which are given bellow-

1-Due to hereditary baldness

If someone has a family history of baldness, there is a possibility to have this type of hair fall.  This may begin as early as puberty, due to certain hormones which trigger hereditary hair loss.

2-Hormonal Change

Several hormonal changes in our body at different of life can cause temporary hair loss, e.g.-

  • Pregnancy
  • Childbirth
  • Menopause
  • Discontinuing the use of birth control pills

3-Medication Condition

There are several medical conditions too that can cause hair loss, e.g.-

  • Thyroid diseases (only in females),
  • Alopecia areata
  • Scalp infection (most common)

Medication used to treat the following can also cause hair fall-

  • Cancer
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Arthritis
  • Depression
  • Heart problem

4-Improper Diet

Diet lacking in protein, iron & other nutrients can lead to hair fall and hair thinning.

5-Certain hairstyle and hair products

This kind of hair fall called traction alopecia can occur due to excessive hair-styling or hairstyles that pull your hair tight. It may be possible that some hair product doesn’t suit your scalp and cause hair loss.

6-Physical or emotional shocks

Physical or emotional shocks for, eg. Extreme weight loss, high fever, loss of loved ones, etc. can also cause hair to loss.

Hair fall Remedies

1-Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel serves as the best source to stop hair fall. It enhances the hair root connection with the scalp & makes it strong. Try Aloe Vera Gel on your scalp and massage with free hands than leave it for 5- 10 min. After that, wash your hair with lukewarm or tap water.

2-Coconut milk

Coconut milk act as a good source of nutrition, Message your scalp with coconut oil will reduce hair fall. For a good result, apply it twice a week.


Neem is an Indian herb. It is a natural antioxidant that can stop hair fall. One can apply Neem by making the paste of Neem leaves or boiling the water with Neem leaves and use that water for washing hair after that it gets cooled enough.

4-Egg or yogurt

Egg or yogurt also provide proper nourishment to the scalp and also smoothen it. They can be used as a hair pack to get rid of hair loss.

5-Onion Juice

The bacterial infection is a significant cause of hair loss. Onions have antibacterial properties that remove the bacteria from the scalp and stop hair fall. It is also full of sulfur content that helps to improve blood circulation in the hair follicles, which lead to proper hair growth.


Amla is rich in nutrients which promotes hair growth and reduce hair loss. By Applying Amla paste on the scalp can reduce hair loss. It robust the hair roots and makes them even more dark and shiny.

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Treatment of hair fall


Medication is the first or initial treatment for hair loss. If one is facing severe hair fall and do not find any improvement against this after trying remedies & proper diet, he /she should consult to the dermatologist. Doctors generally prescribe topical cream and gel for applying directly on the scalp. Sometimes they also prescribe oral medicine too.

But some medication has side effects like
  • Glaucoma (collection of eye diseases)
  • Fluid retention
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cataracts
  • High blood sugar

But medication is not enough to treat the baldness. Therefore the surgical procedure is required.

2-Hair Transplant surgery

Hair transplant surgery result very effective for people suffering from inherited baldness. In hair transplantation technique hairs are removed from one part of the body, called the ‘donor site’ and planted to a bald or balding part of the body called as ‘recipient site.’

Tips to prevent hair fall
  • Avoid ammonia containing hair products
  • Use essential oil
  • Proper washing of Hair
  • Use of antibacterial hair product once in a month
  • Don’t skip the scalp massage
  • Avoid hairstyle that pulls your hair tight
  • Use unique hair products targeted to restore hair growth
  • Cover hair in dusty places

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