Keyword Everywhere is starting paid services

Keyword everywhere Chrome extension & Firefox add-on are going paid. It will provide paid services from 1st Oct 2019 after being free for four years.  

K.E, It is the main thing for search engine optimization, and it is a powerful extension for Seo keyword research. It provides you useful google keyword search volume and CPC (cost per click) data from multiple websites.

Keyword everywhere provides keyword ideas based on a phrase, landing page, etc. It gives the data of Average search volume trends for a single keyword over time.

The keyword planner can easily installed on either Chrome or Firefox in your system. It shows you monthly search volume, cost per click, and competition data of keywords on multiple websites free.

A Big Announcement 

Now keyword everywhere tool goes to pay on 1st Oct 2019. This announced by the developer.

Yes, Friends, this is an official announcement- Keyword research browser add-on keyword every will move from a free to paid.

It provides search volume, CPC and competition estimates on your any search query as well as “related” and “people also search for” keywords. Under the new pricing model, the question has cost 18 credits.

New Model (Low-cost)

The paid plan cost is $1 for 10,000 credits of data. Generally, every time you see the volume for one keyword, one credit is spent,” Kevin, the mononymous administrator of Keywords Everywhere, revealed to Search Engine Land.

“Along these lines, for a Google search where you see 20 related keyword and 50 individuals additionally request keyword, 1 (query) + 20 + 50 = 71 credits will be used.”

This should wind up costing most clients under $2 every month, as per the declaration.

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Why start charging now?

A boost in bot activity required the move to a paid model. Kevin said the downpour of bots constrained him to cripple the Import Keywords. It Analyze Page includes just as “continually update equipment to keep the software functional for our actual user.”

Keywords everywhere said it would use the fund to include support for different nations, assemble extra highlights, and reintroduce highlights obstructed because of bot-related activity.

What about existing users?

On 1st Oct 2019, It will stop to retrieve data include search volume, CPC, and competition data for all keyword. But, “Related keyword and people also ask” keyword will still be shown. If you want to get search volume, CPC, and competition data, so you will have to purchase account credit to access all data.

Why should we care?

If you are a user to evaluate the search volume, competition, CPC, and alternative Keyword? So you will have to be prepared to dedicate a thin slice of your tools budget to the browser add-on starting next month.

How to install Keyword Everywhere

Here are a few steps to install keyword everywhere extension

  • Just type keyword everywhere extension in your browser
  • Click on add to (Google or firebox) and wait a few seconds after that it will show in your extension menu
  • Click on generate API put your email id and follow instructions
  • Now check your email and click on (click here to access your API Key)
  • Now copy your key and go to keyword everywhere icon and click on settings and paste it

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